Design Academy Eindhoven
Man and Well-Being


Currently I teach at the Design Academy Eindhoven, department Well-Being. Head of department is Ilse Crawford, teachers are Aldo Bakker, Jan Boelen, Frans Ottink and Tessa Blokland.

What is Man and Well-Being?

Form Follows Feeling: In the design department Man and Well-Being we integrate form and how we feel, physically and emotionally, sensorially and subliminally. We bring together the cool head and the warm heart, and address how we can bring this human awareness and understanding to areas from taste to smell, health care to self-care, micro to macro - in short to everyday life.

In the studio students learn to research a topic extensively in relation to culture, relevance and content. They learn that by diving into a world outside their own they can discover unexpected beauty and inspiration in materials, meaning and daily life. Uncovering stories helps them to create different thoughts and create authentic concepts. Students develop their own way to design and present research. The conclusions drawn out of this research form the basis of a concept and the beginning of a product.

Teaching experience:

Design Academy Eindhoven, research classes at department Man and Well-Being.
Design Academy Eindhoven Masters, workshop for the Source program.
TU Delft Masters, visiting critic "Architecture of Democracy" (by XML architects)
Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam, photography classes.
PHL Hasselt, workshop and classes for mixed departments.


Remember MeReineke Otten

"Remember Me", a project by the students of the Design Academy, Well Being and DELA.

Remember Me

About the ways people say goodbye.